Father's Day is traditionally a day of breakfast in bed and carefully selected (but hardly ever worn) ties. Whether it's his first or his fifth, what can you do to make this Father's Day special? We've asked dads what would really make Father's Day great, and here's what they told us:

1. Let Him Sleep in.

2. Give Him Some Time to Himself.


3. Make Him One of His Favorite Meals.

4. Have the Kids Make Him Something Special.


5. Get Him a Fun Toy.


6. Let Him Know How Much You Appreciate Him

7. Do Something as a Family.

8. Take Pictures or Make a Memento 

This year we’ve focused in on one single truth — however we choose to show our love, what’s important is that it’s from the heart. Whether it be handmade or not a gift at all, these 8 Father’s Day ideas will be sure to put a smile on Dad’s face this year.