Changing foliage, cool breezes, warm pumpkin pie and delicious apple cider; all wonderful signs that the Autumn season has arrived, and the Holidays are soon to follow. A time for friends and family to get together and reminisce about the past and discuss their hopes and dreams for the future. However, those individuals looking to sell homes may ask themselves, “Should I keep my house on the market?”  The answer is YES, keep your house on the market!

There is no doubt that selling your home can be a trying time no matter the season, but selling your home during the Holidays does offer unique advantages. The inventory is lower, therefore highlighting your home in the marketplace. The buyers are fewer, so they may be more serious. They are out there looking for the perfect home in which to start the new year. So, what can you do to assist in the sale of your home? Here are a few easy steps to make your home standout this Holiday Season:

  • Make “Curb Appeal” your top priority. While most of Florida does not have the same seasonal changes as its northern neighboring states, some Florida cities still may experience falling foliage due to the change in climate. Maintaining the exterior look of your home is crucial at this time. An enticing curb appeal is what will draw buyers to your door. Touching up the exterior paint, cleaning out the gutters, mowing the lawn and even keeping seasonal flowers in the yard, can make a very big difference. If you decide to decorate the exterior of your home for the holidays remember to…
  • Keep your decorations tasteful and to a minimum. The sights and smells of the Holidays can go a long way in helping potential buyers envision themselves in the home. Whether it’s a few outdoor lights, a few stockings hanging from the fireplace or the smell of warm apple cider in the air, buyers can appreciate the extra step in your making the property feel homey. However, too many or too over-the-top decorations can have the completely opposite effect. Consider keeping the decorations minimal and using warmer, fall colors as opposed to just holiday red and green. Warmer, fall colors, such as orange, yellow, red, brown and evergreen, help invoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy.
  • Hire a reliable and experienced Real Estate Agent. There are many advantages to having an experienced and reliable champion in your corner. Make sure the person you entrust your most valuable asset to, is going to go above and beyond for you. Since many people like to travel for the Holidays as well, make sure your Agent is available and willing to help you during the Holiday season. Having someone with experience, who is reliable and available, can ease your stress and make the season more enjoyable.
  • Price to sell (but don’t gift it away). Finding the perfect home at the perfect price is a dream come true for everyone. Consider pricing your house to sell, but keep in mind market conditions and any suggestions your real estate Agent has for you. You want to make sure you are competitive in pricing, but you also don’t want to gift your home away either.
  • Relax and enjoy the Season! As amazing and wonderful as the Holiday season is, it can also be extremely stressful. Holiday shopping, decorating, cooking, cleaning, parties, work…the list is endless. But don’t let any of that get you down. Remember to take a moment and just be in the moment. Enjoy the time with friends and family you don’t see year-round, and the comfort food you always crave but your diet doesn’t allot. If your home doesn’t sell, you still have the New Year just a few short weeks away.

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