Summer is almost here and kids will be out of school soon; the perfect time to be thinking about moving to your very own home with a swimming pool where grilling on the BBQ and lounging in the patio is a weekly affair.  

Homes across Coral Gables are welcoming new buyers but not all have a pool.  And with prices steadily increasing, finding one under $1M is becoming more challenging.

I've personally searched through the MLS and hand picked these top 10 homes that offer the most value based on condition and price per SF.  

As of publication, 20 out of 156 homes in Coral Gables, under $1M, feature a pool; that's only 13% of the homes on the market.

Facts about Coral Gables, Florida - one of the oldest cities in South Florida.  Pioneer George Merrick founded "City Beautiful" as it is referred to back in 1925.  Here, you will encounter tree-lined avenues, monumental buildings, winding roadways, green spaces, ornate plazas, and fountains. Architecturally, the city boasts pristine examples of the Mediterranean Revival style and city planners were inspired by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who designed New York’s Central Park when considering its horticulture and cityscapes.   

The Biltmore Hotel, world famous and designated a National Historic Landmark, is located in Coral Gables as well.  With its tournament grade golf courses and 5-star hotel rating, it attracts guests from around the world which helps make the area one of the most affluent communities in Dade County.  It has become an international city as well, home to 20 consulate and foreign government offices and over 140 multinational corporations.  It is also home to the University of Miami; a research university and ranked 50th among the nations top-tier institutions in the U.S. News & World Report ratings of "America's Best Colleges." 

As as publication, the median home price in Coral Gables for a single family home is $874,000.

If you would like to see any of the homes featured, or would like to learn more about City Beautiful, please contact me HERE.

Is it the right time to sell my home or what is it worth in today's market?  Let's explore!